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1) Polymers at the nano-scale: synthesis, modifications, properties, and applications

Chairperson: Professor Mircea Chipara, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, USA

This session will collect contributions that are focused on polymer-based materials and are relevant for broad filed of nano, starting from synthesis to applications. Manuscripts reflecting polymer-modifications (mainly by adding nanometer-sized fillers) or due to ageing, weathering or (extreme) environment are welcomed. Research aiming to a better understanding of the chemical and physical properties of polymers and connected to the nanoscale phenomena will be also considered.  


2) Graphene and other novel two-dimensional nanostructures

Chairperson: Dr M. Aliofkhazraei, Tarbiat Modares University, Iran

Two-dimensional nanostructures present a rich playground for scientists to fabricate new materials with novel and desired properties. Unique properties of graphene, graphene oxide, and other form of carbon derivatives, attract a lot of attentions during recent years.

The aim of this session is to collect the advances being made around the globe in the area of two-dimensional nanostructures, focusing on these topics: 

1) New findings related to size affected properties in two-dimensional nanostructures

2) Fabrication methods of new kinds of two-dimensional nanostructures

3) Innovative approaches in both fabrication methods and characterization of two-dimensional nanostructures

4) Theory, calculations and modeling of two-dimensional nanostructures

5) Advances in usage of two-dimensional nanostructures for new applications


3) Nanocarbon Based Materials: Growth and Applications
Chairperson(s): Professor W. I. Milne, University of Cambridge, UK; Dr Nasar Ali, NANOSMAT, UK

This session will be devoted to the science and technology of nanocarbon based materials. It will cover experimental and theoretical investigations of the electronic properties of e.g. fullerenes, carbon nanotubes and graphene. Topics will include growth and fabrication methods, theoretical modelling, electrical and optical characterization, electronic transport and spintronics, as well as various potential electronic and optical applications of these materials.


4) Micro and Nano Materials in Biological and Biomedical Applications

 Chairperson(s): Dr Samir M. Iqbal, The University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX 76019-0119, USA


Nanotechnology and MEMS have evolved very non-traditional approaches to interface and interact with living systems.  The topics in this symposium cover basic functionalization strategies and the applications relevant to the biology and medicine.  The topics are in the domain of applied as well as fundamental research which cover physics, chemistry, biotechnology, and engineering.  

Some sub-topics on interest are Biomimetic MEMS and NEMS sensing, Microfluidic Platforms, Synthesis of Functional Nanomaterials and Films for applications in biological, biomedical and environment monitoring, Nano-materials for diagnostics and therapy, Mathematical modeling and simulations of materials-bio interfaces, Societal, economical and broader impacts of nanomaterials in bio applications.

This symposium can help attendees achieve the following goals: (1) bridge the knowledge and technology gap; (2) showcase and share the basic techniques of nano-interface; (3) expand on the potential of using new technologies in the medical applications; (4) provide a venue to explore collaborative projects; and (5) foster an understanding of the financial, societal, cultural, and academic issues in inter-disciplinary research. 


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